Training days are about having fun with friends and dogs , it is as social for us humans as it is for the dogs , come down and try

Training Days 

Beginners TRAINING Pls contact us for details 

We have our normal weekly fees, Which we can discuss with you.

The first week is free to beginners , then after the 2nd week we ask you to join the AFA (Australian Flyball Assoc) $30 yearly cost

Everything you learn is slow, but step by step it will all come together. PROMISE...After all Flyball is a series of tricks, all put together, you will be amazed how quick the dogs learn, and how much they LOVE it. we have a Information Pack for you, have a read, and fill it out and bring along Click on the tab on the left for details on this

Please Bring down a Chair for yourself, A lead for your DOG, soft collar, no choke chains please,

Water for Your dog and a water bowl, a drink for yourself

make sure you have good footwear

Keep dogs on Lead at all times unless stated otherwise

Dogs Must be 12 months old to RACE in competitions they are never too young to start learning flyball, we have started some of our pups at 7 weeks of age
basic obedience -Is also expected and taught socialising your dogs is also an important part of our activities
vaccinations are a must... so make sure you have your vet certificate when you come to your first training session..